Indivisible Plus Washington (“Indi+WA”) is a non-partisan progressive group dedicated to building connection, community and shared resources between allies in the fight to elect progressive leaders, realize bold progressive policies and build our democracy.

We are Indivisible because we are part of a network of dozens of Indivisible groups in Washington State and thousands nationally. We are “Plus” because our work here is deliberately anti-racist, intersectional, feminist and anti-oppressive.

Indivisible Plus Washington welcomes and honors the voices of all people including People of Color, LGBTQIA* people, people with disabilities, immigrants, people of faith, sex workers, those experiencing homelessness or food insecurity, currently and formerly incarcerated people, persons with low, no or fixed incomes, etc.

the state of Washington, in blue and red, with the words Indivisible Plus Washington and a small Indivisible logo

Indivisible Plus Washington is a state-wide organization focused on voter engagement and turn out, fighting disinformation, and combatting systemic oppression

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