How to Respond to Disinformation and Digital Voter Suppression: Training with Shireen Mitchell

Don’t amplify disinfo! Think before you engage or share. Avoid sharing headlines that include the disinfo. Be careful!
Share articles with good headlines. Example: Trump floats false, racist birther theory about Kamala Harris
What if an article has useful info but a ‘bad’ headline? Quote from it — or take a screenshot. Describe it, don’t link.
Establish the counter-narrative. Amplify positive messages. Only repeat the facts. Choose appropriate vetted sources.
Voter Suppression: Any legal or extralegal measure or strategy whose purpose or practical effect is to reduce voting
Digital Voter Suppression: The use of online services/platforms to disinformation for the purpose of suppressing the vote
Report digital voter suppression when you see it —
Get accurate voting info out as often as possible. Rules are different in different states. Know the info for your state!
Prepare for last-minute confusion. Learn which sites to trust — Election Protection 866-OUR-VOTE, Voy A Votar 866–2YO-VOTO
Indivisible’s Truth Brigade: a response network. #TruthBrigade on Twitter. Sign up at

Reporting disinformation and digital voter suppression

You should report voter suppression to your Secretary of State and county election officials.


Here’s some additional resources on disinformation and digital voter suppression.

About Shireen Mitchell

A charcoal drawing of Shireen Mitchell with double hoop earrings.
  • Headlines and digital voter suppression definition from Stop Digital Voter Suppression™ Toolkit, Stop Online Violence Against Women Inc, 2013–2020
  • “Make a plan to vote” infographic: Seattle Indivisible
  • “Vote your full ballot” graphic: Indivisible Whidbey
  • Indivisible Truth Brigade summary: Indivisible WA-9



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Indivisible Plus Washington is a state-wide organization focused on voter engagement and turn out, fighting disinformation, and combatting systemic oppression