Indivisible letter to Sen. Cantwell and Rep. McMorris Rodgers on federal privacy legislation

Subject: Washington state Indivisibles want to work with you to pass strong privacy legislation this session

Dear Senator Cantwell and Representative McMorris Rodgers,

  • Start with a focus on protecting people, not corporations
  • Protect every Washingtonian’s privacy, not just people who have good technology access and the skills, time and energy to object to their data being used
  • Combine well-resourced state enforcement with a strong private right of action.
  • Require affirmative consent (opt-in) for sharing, selling, or using data — including using it for targeted advertising or marketing
  • Allow cities and counties to pass stronger laws.
  • Close loopholes that limit or eliminate the protections the laws claim to provide
  • Protect all aspects of our privacy — as workers, students, health care recipients, and Washingtonians interacting with our government, as well as consumers.



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Indivisible Plus Washington

Indivisible Plus Washington

Indivisible Plus Washington is a state-wide organization focused on voter engagement and turn out, fighting disinformation, and combatting systemic oppression