Indivisibles ask Gov. Inslee to sign My Health My Data and the Shield Law

Indivisible Plus Washington
2 min readApr 24, 2023

Email sent to Gov. Jay Insleee, April 24, 2023.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee
Governor PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504
by email

RE: HB 1155, HB 1469: Indivisibles ask you to sign My Health My Data and the Shield Law

Dear Governor Inslee,

The Washington legislature passed two critical privacy bills this session. These protections are long overdue, and especially urgent when states like Idaho are criminalizing abortion, “trafficking”, and gender-affirming care — and law enforcement and bounty hunters can use our most sensitive personal data to target people seeking, obtaining, providing, or supporting reproductive, sexual, and gender-affirming health services.

We appreciate the leadership Washington state is showing at this critical moment as the first state to pass data privacy protections specifically related to health information after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision last June, and we thank the bill sponsors and the Attorney General’s Office for their willingness to work with us during the session. We urge you to sign the following bills.

● HB 1155, My Health My Data, protects consumer health data not already covered by HIPAA — including data relating to reproductive, sexual, and gender-affirming health services.

● HB 1469, the Shield Law, protects Washingtonians who provide, obtain, or support abortion and gender-affirming care from out-of-state investigations, surveillance, or criminal charges

Thank you for your attention to this crucial subject, and we look forward to working with you, your staff, and the legislature to build on this ground-breaking legislation and continue to broaden and strengthen privacy protections.


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