Shireen Mitchell on Fighting Back against Disinformation and Digital Voter Suppression

Five things we can start doing today

In our post announcing the webinar, we talked about how grassroots activists can have a big impact against disinfo and digital voter suppression — and mentioned that one of our goals with the webinar was to give people actionable next steps. (There’s also several other great videos by Shireen there if you want to hear more from her.)

1. Stop amplifying disinformation!

Don’t amplify disinfo! Think before you engage or share. Avoid headlines that include the disinfo. Be careful!

2. Establish the counter-narrative

Establish the counter-narrative. Amplify positive messages. Choose appropriate sources. Know your audience!

3. Use Kamala Harris’ own words to respond to birther attacks

Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention
A woman with two young children

4. Get accurate voting information out early and often — and be ready to counter last-minute fake voting information as the election draws nearer

Misleading information about voting has long been a favorite technique for voter suppression, and this year there’s more than ever. Early voting starts in September in some states, so we should already be getting the word out — including encouraging people to double-check their registration and address and request an absentee ballot in states where that’s necessary.

5. Work together to fight back

Ways to fight back collaboratively (listed in the article’s text)

Stay tuned for more — and get involved!

This webinar went so well that we’re already planning follow-ons. We’re also going to be building on our voter mobilization project, which once again got excellent results in the August primary, and working with other Indivisible groups across the state — and in other states, if you’re interested!



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