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Washington Indivisible privacy principles

These were originally developed at the beginning of our state legislative session in January. The bills we support generally align with these principles. The improvements we’re asking for in ADPPA would bring it much more in alignment.

  • Start with a focus on protecting people, not corporations
  • Protect every Washingtonian’s privacy, not just people who have good technology access and skills and the time and energy to object to their data being used
  • Combine well-resourced state enforcement with a strong private right of action.
  • Require affirmative consent (opt-in) for sharing, selling, or using data — including using it for targeted advertising or marketing
  • Allow cities and counties to pass stronger laws.
  • Close loopholes that limit or eliminate the protections the laws claim to provide
  • Protect all aspects of our privacy — as workers, students, health care recipients, and Washingtonians interacting with our government, as well as consumers.

ACLU of Washington’s Data Privacy Guiding Principles were developed at around the same time, working with Tech Equity Coalition, and have some important additional principles including

  • No Economic Coercion: Entities must be prohibited from charging preferential prices, or providing better service, to individuals that permit their personal information to be collected and used, or from
    refusing services to, or discriminating against those who exercise their privacy rights. Pay-for-privacy provisions worsen the digital divide, which is also a privacy divide and raise racial equity issues. Strong regulations ensure that privacy rights are available to all and not just to those who can afford to pay to keep our privacy.
  • Civil Rights Protections: Entities must be prohibited from using personal information in a manner that discriminates against people on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status and other protected characteristics, ensuring our civil rights are protected online and everywhere

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