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2 min readSep 14, 2022

Presented at a briefing on September 14 to staffers of several members of Washington state’s congressional delegation. As a PDF, it really does fit on a single page!

STRENGTHEN American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) (H.R. 8152)

Push for improvements and House floor vote in September. See below for specifics.
If these improvements are not possible, please vote no if there is a House floor vote.

SUPPORT Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act (S. 1265)

Cosponsor, push for markup in House Judiciary and House floor vote in September

SUPPORT My Body My Data (H.R. 8111) & Health and Location Data Privacy Act (S. 4408)

Cosponsor, push for hearing, markup, and floor vote in September

Key improvements needed in ADPPA

A floor, not a ceiling: no preemption of stronger state and local laws

Ensure ADPPA protects pregnant people and LGBTAIQ2S+ people

Ensure ADPPA protects immigrants, people of color, activists, and other groups most at risk from data abuse and surveillance

Remove loopholes and exemptions, including

  • Remove exemptions for employee data, de-identified data, data inferred from public data, and government contractors acting as service providers
  • Expand sensitive data to include all location and biometric data; sexual orientiation, gender idenity, and gender expression; immigration status; family and social relationships; data on employer-provided machines
  • Tighten overly-broad permissible purposes and duty of loyalty exceptions

Add accountability to make civil rights protections real, including

Strengthen enforcement, including

No “pay for privacy” schemes. Privacy is a fundamental right for everybody.


Federal Privacy Reading List has additional links on other topics



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